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Just connect with us and discuss your requirement. We would be more than happy to contribute in your mission for 7 days and will move to agreement, if you think we deserve to continue.

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+91 8792301407

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Working Hours

M-F: 8am–10pm
S-S: 10am–8pm (Only for sales call)

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Hauz Khas, New Delhi

Whitefield, Bangalore


General Questions

Here we are answering few of the most asked questions. If you have the same quesries, read these, it will help you to clear the doubts.

If your question(s) is(are) not listed here, please feel free to write us your questions. Our support and sales team will try to answer your question as soon as possible.

Generally, our team will get back to you within 12 hrs. of your queries.

Can you visit our office?

Unfortunately, we’re offering all our contributors to work at their comfort. We do not rent the office now. But we can meet somewhere in a cafe or restaurant in Bangalore, if you want.

How we maintain the projects?

There 2 division in our team, one division maintain the projects and coordinate with clients.

Another division is totally focused on the work and no external contacts.

You’ll get 1 project dashboard, where you can find everything and keep track of your work.

Why we're offering 7-days free service?

We think its a WIN-WIN for both of us. You got the contribution for free and get a chance to have a look of our work and along with that we got your attention and 30 precious minutes.

It helps us understand the industry requirements and directions. Which helps us in our overall learning and content creation in a long-term game.

Why we're confident to have you onboard?

Because you are looking for a contributor who should be good great in the business and honest with you.

Our transparency and honesty is the 2nd and 3rd best thing in us after content understanding.

Content Project Management

Transparent & Trackable

A Project with Emotion

Manage project with emotions, because it’s not same as writing the code. Here is no SOPs, only emotions.

Measure & Improve

You should not forget your content project and get reminder of payment every month. It’s about improvement

Practical Decisions

Everyone wants to be on top of Google form very first day. But we take practical decisions and right call of the hour.

Visual Results

Results speaks for us and of course those are visible, not only to you, but to your competitors as well. Cheers.

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